Joint Degree in Law and English

The English Department and the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University are pleased to announce a joint degree in Law and English Literature.

The degree is tailored for ambitious students who wish to combine legal studies with an in-depth reading of literary works, while honing critical skills and language proficiency. The benefits of such a programme are legion:

In addition to preparing students for a career in law, the programme allows for a specialization in the language of the international scientific community, the language of diplomacy and of international politics.

Moreover, the study of English Literature provides a rich cultural context to a degree in law. To be sure, English is not one national literature amongst many. It is a vast discipline that includes American Studies, Irish literature, South African literature, and that spans worlds as far apart as Medieval England and contemporary America. By pursuing a joint programme in Law and English Literature students will be able to draw upon a wealth of cultural knowledge in keeping with the highest standards set by the Anglo-American model of university education.