The English Department at the Hebrew University offers a prestigious programme for the study of literature in English. Our focus is on the British and American traditions supplemented by insights into South African, Canadian and Irish literatures. We pride ourselves on the high level of our Seminars and on the international reputation of our researchers.

Class discussions foster an enriching intellectual experience conducive to high-quality writing. We approach literary texts from a wide variety of perspectives: formal, thematic, historical.

Students come to the department with a broad range of interests and aspirations; some students view academia as their calling while others complement vocational studies in law, business or psychology with the development of language and writing skills and an education in the humanities, which greatly contribute to their personal and professional development. Many of our students find employment in academia, education, journalism, or translation. 

All Departmental activities -- including lectures, exams and extracurricular events -- are conducted in English. Participation in the programme necessitates a strong command of the English language. The minimal requirement for admission is a full exemption from the English section of the Psychometric Exam or the equivalent grade in the Amiram Exam.

For detailed information on our admissions workshop and requirements see here.