Scholarships and Prizes

Every year, the English Department offers its BA, MA and Doctoral students a variety of bursaries and prizes, in addition to scholarships for fully funded study trips abroad (England, Ireland, California, Italy). Below is a select list of prizes offered in recent years.

The Beckett Prize

The Beckett Prize is a prestigious  essay competition for graduate students. The prize consists of a substantial bursary, inclusive of travel costs and registration fees to the Samuel Beckett Summer School at Trinity College Dublin. From the school’s website:

The Samuel Beckett Summer School provides a unique experience for students, scholars and lovers of Beckett’s works. Each year we invite the world’s foremost Beckett scholars to present new lectures and seminars on all aspects of Beckett’s works. The School appeals to a wide range of Beckett enthusiasts by providing the opportunity to experience, savour and study Beckett’s works in the university where he began his intellectual life.

For more information contact Ruben Borg (


The Dickens Prize

Two Dickens Prizes are awarded yearly to Graduate students of the English Department. The Prizes allow students to attend “The Dickens Universe,” a week-long summer camp and lecture series at the University of California Santa Cruz. Every year, in August, a different novel by Dickens is studied within the framework of the Project. For enquiries contact Prof. Galia Benziman (


The Teitelbaum Prize

The prize is awarded to Graduate students for excellent work completed at undergraduate level. Winners are determined on the basis of their grade average and teacher recommendations.


Theodore A. Harris Prizes (for General Excellence & for Excellent Work on the Novel)

The Harris prizes are awarded in memory of Theodore A. Harris, Professor of English literature, by his family, through the British Friends of the Hebrew University. Every year two Harris prizes are awarded: one for general excellence in the second year of undergraduate study, and one for the best essay on the novel.


The Joseph Conrad Prize

A substantial scholarship for graduate students who intend to write an MA thesis or a PhD dissertation on Joseph Conrad. The prize (consisting of a monthly stipend) will go to the author of the best essay on Joseph Conrad. For details check the call for applications or contact


The Sheila and Danny Deutsch Annual Prize

The Sheila and Danny Deutsch Annual Prize is awarded to the first-year full-time English Major Student with the best grade average in first-year English Department courses.


The Annenberg Foundation Graduate Scholarships 

The scholarships, in memory of Emily Budick, are intended for Graduate students whose research will focus on a topic of relevance to American Literature and Culture. There are two types of awards:

  1. $2,500, for MA students.
  2. Up to $10,000, for PhD candidates.

For details please contact the secretary of the English Department or the Department Chair.


Gisela Gross and Edward Gross Fellowship for Doctoral Research in English Literature

A sizeable one-year scholarship for doctoral students. Eligible candidates must have completed at least one year of research in the doctoral program.


Students may also apply for financial aid and scholarships at the following sites:

Graduate, PhD and Postdoc scholarships