The minimal requirement for admission to the English Department programme is a full exemption from the English section of the Psychometric Exam or the equivalent grade in the Amiram Exam.

Applicants who wish to enrol in the English Department and have an English course exemption (EFL), but have not obtained a psychometric, Amiram or Amir exemption, will be required to attend the Admission Workshop of the English Department and pass it successfully. The workshop will take place twice a year, in August and October (exact dates to be announced).

All Departmental activities -- including lectures, exams and extracurricular events -- are conducted in English. Students’ engagement with literary texts in the original language, active participation in class discussions, and completion of writing assignments all presuppose a high level of language proficiency. The language skills assessed in the workshop will serve as a solid foundation for the entire curriculum.

The workshop will test the candidates’ written proficiency. Participants will read a short literary text in English (poetry or prose) and write an analytical essay of about 500 words (two or three pages) in English on a given topic related to the text. They will be offered a choice between two topics. Candidates may attend only one workshop.
Duration of the workshop: 90 minutes.
Candidates must present their ID card and bring their own stationery.
The use of a printed dictionary is allowed. No use of electronic devices (including electronic dictionaries) is permitted.